Parent Judging at Tournaments

Plan to judge at least two local tournaments or one out of town tournament during the year. We are required to bring judges to most tournaments. If we do not have enough judges XXXXXXXXX (we have to hire people to fill our judging quota, we have to pay a fine, and in some cases we are forced to withdraw students from the tournament)

No experience is required! Tournament representatives will give you instructions at the tournament. Most of the judges are parents just like you and do not have prior judging experience.

The host school will typically provide judges with a light breakfast, lunch, dinner, beverages, and snacks, throughout the day.

Judges do not have to be parents of competitors. They can be family, friends, teachers, neighbors, etc.

You are not allowed to judge a round in which your child is competing and you will not be assigned such a round.

Judges do not generally judge students from their own school, so you don’t have to worry about conflicts of interest. You merely vote for the best performance, based on the judging guidelines provided at the tournament. It is rewarding and fun!

XXXXXXXXX(Your expenses, including mileage to and from the tournament, are tax-deductible. GGSA usually provides a form for this purpose.)


Welcome to judging high school Speech and Debate. Please see the below instructions on judging during a tournament. We encourage you if you've never judged before to give it a try. It's a great way to get involved with your student and learn more about Speech & Debate.

We need judges for all our tournaments. Mr. Robbins is the best resource for any questions, but any board member will be happy to answer questions as well.

Speech & Debate Judging Instructions​​​​

Sample-Extemporaneous-Speaking Ballot Comments